Get to know your feeder birds this winter - Farm and Dairy

Small black Bird with white Belly

Phoebe Flycatcher / February 22, 2024

Bird Watching and Wildlife
Located in the rural southwest corner of Leominster, Sholan Farms encompasses 160 acres of diverse property. In addition to the 60 acres of farmland, there are approximately 50 acres of meadows and 50 acres of forest. Much of the meadow areas are overgrown with sumac, brush and vines. The long-term plan is to manage this area much like the apple orchard. We are developing a plan to open up the area and remove undesirable brush. In addition trails will be cut and park benches will be located throughout the area. If you would like to help out please contact the Friends of Sholan Farms.

Several miles of trails meander throughout the farm and into the surrounding Fallbrook area. These include such highlights as lakes alive with beavers, wood ducks, and herons. One trail connects to the Monoosnoc Trail, which traverses the Monoosnoc Ridge. Another trail connects to a steep mountain path that leads to the Devils Pulpit, located high on a ridge above May Street. In late spring and early autumn, you may see large numbers of hawks in the back pasture. You may also spot deer, coyotes, rabbits, bluebirds, and bobolinks while exploring Sholan Farms scenic acres.

The best area for bird watching is in the meadow, which borders Heywood and Fallbrook Reservoirs. There are several overgrown trails, which lead you through scenic meadowlands and forest to a beautiful view of the reservoirs. Bring your binoculars or spotting scope to look out over the wooded hillside, brooks and reservoirs.

The following is a list of birds, which have been observed in and around the farm. The best time of day to observe is at daybreak or late afternoon.

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