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Phoebe Flycatcher / July 27, 2023

The Black phoebe hawks insects, usually over water or near water. It will occasionally eat small fish.

Nesting habitats used by the Black phoebe

The Black phoebe builds a nest out of mud. This mud nest is placed on a cliff, bridge, or building.

The niche filled by Black phoebe

The Black phoebe uses the abundance of insects near water.

The Migration of the Black phoebe

The Black phoebe does not migrate. However, they will move around a little in spring and fall.

Habitat/Plant community used by the Black phoebe

The Black phoebe is found in plant communities associated with water. They are almost always close to a water source.(sometimes this water source can just be a lawn). They especially like cottonwoods

Click on these plant community links to learn more about specific plant material and climates.

How to attract the Black phoebe to your garden

The Black phoebe needs a source of water. If there is water near your home you may be able to attract the Black phoebe by planting appropriate plant material. They like trees, especially cottonwoods, for nesting and cover as well as a perch for hunting.

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