Fleur and Pip - Phoebe

Phoebe Hummingbird

Phoebe Flycatcher / November 14, 2023

If you haven't had the pleasure to see the best reality show in town, visit

This site features a hummingbird webcam that shows a fabulous window into nature and a whole lot more. A bit of a warning though, Phoebe watching is highly addicting!

These tiny jewels of nature are fascinating little creatures that zoom into your heart and warm the souls of the visitors. And Phoebe doesn't mind us watching every detail of her existence. This includes the joy of observing her feeding from her territorial feeder, chasing off her competition, and hearing the sounds of mating with her effervescent mate, Mr. Allens.

Phoebe is a non-migratory Channel Islands Allen's Hummingbird. She lives in a Southern California rosebush estate that has been home to many clutches, a grouping of eggs produced at a given time. There are usually four to five clutches a season so she is a busy girl. You see her build nests the size of half golf balls with lightning speed while listening to hummer wings at the rate of 55 times a second. The eggs, normally two at a time, are the petite size of tic tacs. Watching Phoebe lay her eggs, the hatching, feeding and care for the babies, and the bitter sweet moment of the fledge of the hummer babies is astounding.

Phoebe's nest log goes back to 2007. Many have been crowned "Phoebe", named after Phoebe Cates, one of our host wife's favorite actresses. The smart hummers have had the pleasure of the California sun, their own "tilt a whirl" feeder, and protected rosebushes to raise the family. The hummer parents/host, Mr. and Mrs. Pungh take immaculate care to provide the best and protected environment for Phoebe.

You will have the pleasure to observe countless happy moments in the life of Phoebe as well as the rare tragedy. The most recent clutch born in December lost their beloved Phoebe mom. One day, she never returned to the nest, leaving behind two chicks named Ana and Pavan, named for the wind. We fondly call them The Twins because they hatched simultaneously. Observers heard a struggle at the nest and many believe she lost a territorial fight with another hummer.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Pungh, they called a hummingbird expert rehab specialist Monique to raise them at her home specially equipped for hummer rehabilitation. Monique raised The Twins as their surrogate mom, feeding them every four hours. These lucky Twins, in their own tiny cage, went grocery shopping, to the dentist, and even rode horseback with her.

She provided the dedicated Phoebe "phamily" daily updates and videos of their saved pair of jewels while gradually getting ready to release back at their home. Absolutely stunning!
Note: In order to rehabilitate hummers, you must be certified by the State.

In the meantime, back at the Rosebush Estate, dedicated viewers hopeful of a Phoebe return have watched an empty nest wishing for a hummer fix. That is true dedication and caring.

And these dedicated viewers in the thousands are stunning jewels as well. They are all ages and walks of life; retirees, people who are not mobile, teachers, students, artists, doctors, we have them all, from all around the World, from 206 countries. And we care, really care about each other. At any time, you log in and see a "phriend", ask them how they are doing and get to know them, get a "how are you?" There are expert moderators that provide fascinating information about hummers, answer questions, and monitor any inappropriate content.

The Twins? After the amazing love and care of their surrogate mom Monique, they are now ready to be released into the Rosebush Estate on Phoebeallens.com this Sunday afternoon, March 2 at 1:30 to 2:30 PST, weather permitting. They may linger for a week or so and then will venture off to find their own territory.

We have been empty nesters long enough and now we have a new Phoebe entering Phoebe's Estate cozying up to a leftover nest. And Mr. Allens is frequenting the feeder; it's all good. With hopes that the new Phoebe is a true descendant of our past Phoebes, the cycle of life and love continues with this little hummer that could and the dedicated World wide "phamily" of thousands.

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