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The Best Way to Attract Many Birds

Identification / March 21, 2023

Birds have excellent eyesight and see colors perfectly, even better than the vision of humans. Various birds are attracted to different colors. Certain bird species can see "better" colors, indicating a food source. Many birds are attracted to glitter, so they can be attracted to a bead, purchased scattered sparkles from glitter store, buttons, foil, etc.

In the nests of magpies, in fact, glass, beads, and even jewelry are sometimes found. The moment when the magpie grabs the thing it likes is called the "pre-aesthetic impulse in birds." Ornithologists explain that experts have indeed studied this behavior of birds.

It's a behavioral response. In the Australian bowerbird, it is clearly expressed. In our environment it is inherent in corvids. The very word "impulse" suggests that this does not always happen. Whether these are really the preconditions for intelligent behavior or whether this is a thing at the level of a reflex, it is difficult to say.

Image by Unsplash+